Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Prius Prime Video

Sigh, dealers. For those of you familiar with the Prime you'll note some real idiocy from the dealer in this video. Nonetheless, it's a good little peak into Prime driving. Big thanks to our friends at PriusChat for this. Read more commentary from PCers on the video at the link in the previous sentence.

New Prius Pricing

Our good friends at PriusChat got the scoop on the new Prius pricing. Visit this thread there for the details.
TSS-P is now standard on all trim levels. (*ed note: Toyota Safety Sense)

Touring prices went up $15. (No change)
Two Eco went up $465
Two, Three and Four went up $485

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hybrid Sales

While sales of hybrid cars are down in the US (yes, including Prius), globally, the market for hybrids continues to be strong with sales increasing despite the US sales drop.

A nicely done piece at writes more...
One meaningful statistic is Toyota reports it’s on track for 1.4 million hybrid sales this year, exceeding its previous high of 1.3 million in 2013. 
Overall, Toyota reports 17-percent global hybrid sales growth for 2016’s first six months, according to a report by Wards Auto.

But there are standouts here in the US market...
One Toyota model that has supplanted cars from the second-to-Prius selling position in the U.S. and doing well in Europe also is the new RAV4 Hybrid.
Yes, the RAV4 Hybrid is, quite literally, killing the Prius v. Which also highlights how criminally stupid Mitsubishi is for, after three years of delays, still not selling the Outlander hybrid in the US.

And then Honda...

Sorry, I was stop to catch breath, I was laughing so hard. Honda hybrids...

Sorry, seriously, Honda hybrids? Honda is a great car company but their hybrids offerings have, for a very long time, been awful. And Honda has done little or nothing about it.
Honda’s hybrid sales a few years ago were 75 percent in its home market, and today they are closer to 97 percent.
Because the two popular models of Honda hybrids are only sold outside the US. Like Mitsubishi, one has to wonder why.

Suffice to say, overall, hybrid sales are still strong and the main thing, apparently, is the low price of gasoline. Odd how plug-in and EV sales are still strong though.

Hmmmm, maybe there's a message there.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Some Good Isn't Enough

At least according to this article doing some deep navel gazing into the owners of Prius. Or so we're told.
Buying a Prius isn’t always an ethical choice
And it may not be. People buy Priuses for a wide range of choices but let's be clear. If you're buying some that pollutes less and uses less fossil fuels, you're still, sadly, making a better choice than most vehicle buyers. Now, as the articles alleges, some people buy "good" things to give them permission to do bad things in other areas and this may be true of some Prius owners. May. Be. But my point is, good is good and most consumer choices people make involve little or no consideration in this area at all.

But, Prius is still one of the great link bait keywords.

And the beat goes on.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


TORRANCE, California — The 2017 Toyota Prius hybrid hatchback is on the way to Toyota dealerships with an average overall price increase of $374, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. said. 
The base 2017 Toyota Prius Two is priced at $25,550, including an $865 destination charge. 
The top-of-the-line 2017 Prius Four Touring starts at $30,880, including destination fees.
This is a carryover model with minimal changes for the new model year.

Friday, August 5, 2016

I'm Sorry Sir, This Goldfish Does Not Make A Good Retriever

There are times when the best thing I can do is mock an article. I keep trying to take this piece seriously. It's the New York Effing Times after all but I kept, sentence after relentless sentence, getting knocked back into, I'm-just-making-fun-of-this-article-and-that's-it mode.

So, let's sort it out just a bit...

Yeah, I just bailed on the video itself when I couldn't get past the commercial. Sorry NYT. Well, no, I'm not sorry in the least.

So the text. Here are just a few examples from the first handful of brief paragraphs...
Embraced by progressives. Not terribly fashionable. Very popular in Vermont. It has long been the automotive equivalent of Bernie Sanders: the Toyota Prius.
Prius has made the leap from cyborg armadillo to bionic koi, and the beholder will need to decide whether that’s an improvement. My initial response was “yikes” — which seems to be the general reaction when people first spy it.
After a week, my eye gradually and grudgingly has come to terms with what Toyota is trying to do, though larger wheels would help. I would take a pair of the snaking elongated taillamps in my house as art.

The Prius does hybridy kinds of things. 
No shit?

And yes, this is what we get from the NYT. Wonder why people are disillusioned with media? It's 2016 and isn't the whole, "I"m a traditional gas huffer car reviewer and these new fangled thingies just annoy me with all their technology and lack of a coal rolling button"? I thought we might be.

Anyway, it's a mediocre, at best review. I don't recommend clicking on the link. You won't learn much.

Consumer Reports Reviews The Prime

A tentative review from CR based on...
We got a first-hand experience with the Prius Prime by renting one from Toyota; the car goes on sale in the fall.
They rented it? A prototype? I'm not calling into question CR's integrity, I'm just surprised at how that went down.

Go read the brief early review. I have not driven the Prime yet but their observations concur with mine and the driving experience seems to jive with what my friend, Danny Cooper of Prius Chat experienced when he drove the Prime in Japan. Alternatively, Cooper also talked about his experience here on What Drives Us...