Friday, July 22, 2016

Oh Florida, You're So...Florida

From the Orlando Sentinel...
After crashing a stolen Prius, 19-year-old driver Jean Sugrin emerged from the wreckage with his hands outstretched, a report says.

Then, as officers watched, a pink and silver handgun fell out of his pocket, according to his arrest report.

Sugrin's alleged crime spree ended after 3 a.m. Sunday.

Officers were on alert for two related crimes. A 2005 Toyota Prius was stolen in Ocoee. Then a man with a pink gun robbed someone in Lake County before heading east in a Prius on Colonial Drive.
And you're thinking, "Russell, come on, it can't get better. Can it?"
At 3:06 a.m., a deputy with the Orange County Sheriff's Office spotted a Prius matching the description of the stolen vehicle heading east on Colonial Drive at a "high rate of speed," a report said.

The deputy caught up to the vehicle at W. Colonial Drive and Tubb Street and determined it was the stolen vehicle by checking the tag. The deputy turned on his lights and siren and the Prius took off. 
"The suspect vehicle speeds were on average of 90 to 110 miles per hour as we continued east on W. Colonial Drive," an arrest report says. "The suspect vehicle ran the red light at W. Colonial Drive and Dillard Street and continued east into Ocoee City Limits."
And he was getting 55MPG the entire time.

So maybe that whole Prius as a crime tool commercial was more accurate than we previously thought. But wait...
The driver avoided tire-deflating "stop sticks" deployed by Ocoee police at W. Colonial Drive and the State Road 429 overpass.
The guy is like a stunt driver. But then, reality had to come home and...
Police said the driver then tried to make a northbound turn from West Colonial Drive onto Marshall Farms Road while speeding. The Prius crashed into a concrete barrier.

Sugrin got out, showed his hands as commanded and got on the ground immediately.
And like we said at the top...
That's when the gun, a pink and silver Taurus .380, fell out of his right front pant's pocket, the report shows

So yeah, that happened.
He remains held at the Orange County Jail on a slew of charges, including fleeing or eluding police, robbery with a firearm and grand theft. He also faces charges for carrying a concealed weapon and having a gun with an altered serial number.