Saturday, November 19, 2016

The First Salvo

So Toyota has fired off the salvo of Prius Prime Commercials...

Each one is basically a remix, with some slight variations. I think it's an engaging commercial. It makes some good points but I suspect, in trying to overcome what is clearly an issue, people not understanding what a plug-in is or does, it misses the point. And this is the point that Toyota has been forced to ignore because of their corporate level disdain for EVs. How much fun an EV is to drive. Once again, while this will appeal to some people, I think it misses the fun factor. I think it ignores the "EV grin" at its own peril. I noticed one thing, the inclusion of some road noise in the audio track to demonstrate how quiet an EV is. A very subtle and interesting development. And a clever.

All in all, I'll be interested to see if Toyota gives these ads the same run they gave their car chase series. The Prime could very well be the next generation of Prius. Maybe it's time to start building that foundation.