Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

Keep them doggies rolling...

Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money bright to light a little piece on the coal rollers and it's an interesting look at the undereducated and rather bizarre opinions held by those who love smoke.

The NYTimes piece is a pretty basic but instructive look into the lives of those for whom the Prius is an abomination and smoke and gas are sweet, sweet perfume.
But to diesel owners like Corey Blue of Roanoke, Ill., the very efforts to ban coal rolling represent the worst of government overreach and environmental activism. “Your bill will not stop us!” Mr. Blue wrote to Will Guzzardi, a state representative who has proposed a $5,000 fine on anyone who removes or alters emissions equipment. 
“Why don’t you go live in Sweden and get the heck out of our country,” Mr. Blue wrote.” I will continue to roll coal anytime I feel like and fog your stupid eco-cars.”
And this closer...
the crowd was confused. “Where’s the smoke?” one spectator shouted.
“The air sucks anyway,” said Ben Poncher, who was drinking a beer next to the track. “Smoke’s pretty. I like seeing it.” 
This, Dear Friends, is one more reason why we can't have nice things.