Sunday, August 28, 2016

Toyota To Sell Reconditioned Prius Plug-In From Japan...In New Zealand

I suspect there is some tie in to new Prius Prime sale in Japan. Maybe Toyota is running some kind of aggressive trade in program for the old PiP if you order a Prime. No idea really but for some reason, Toyota is reconditioning used Prius Prius Plug-Ins from Japan and then shipping them to New Zealand for sale. I get the logic of it. I don't know if it makes any financial sense for Toyota and suspect, again, the real benefit to TMC is not depressing the value of used plug-in in Japan.

Whatever it is, this just weird.

TNZ's answer to the forward-looking EV trend has come from an unusual quarter: used cars from Japan. It's now selling the previous-generation plug-in Prius through its Signature Class programme.
So while the cars are between two and four years old, with up to 25,000km on the clock, you get five years full Toyota warranty (including the battery), including roadside assistance and free Warrant of Fitness checks. That's actually better than the standard Signature package, which only runs to three years.
Prices range from $30,000 to $40,000, depending on age and specification. There's an entry-level PHV L model, which still has keyless start, climate air conditioning and full-colour 6.1-inch touch screen. The S adds gas-discharge headlights and upgraded audio, as well as Touch Tracer controls on the steering wheel. The flagship G gets cruise control and keyless entry, or you can step up to the G 'leather pack' that has (you guessed it) part-leather upholstery, radar cruise control and Pre-Crash safety technology.
This is the first time, that I am aware of, a major car company has done something like this.

h/t to Tideland Prius at Prius Chat.