Monday, August 22, 2016

Some Good Isn't Enough

At least according to this article doing some deep navel gazing into the owners of Prius. Or so we're told.
Buying a Prius isn’t always an ethical choice
And it may not be. People buy Priuses for a wide range of choices but let's be clear. If you're buying some that pollutes less and uses less fossil fuels, you're still, sadly, making a better choice than most vehicle buyers. Now, as the articles alleges, some people buy "good" things to give them permission to do bad things in other areas and this may be true of some Prius owners. May. Be. But my point is, good is good and most consumer choices people make involve little or no consideration in this area at all.

But, Prius is still one of the great link bait keywords.

And the beat goes on.