Friday, August 5, 2016

I'm Sorry Sir, This Goldfish Does Not Make A Good Retriever

There are times when the best thing I can do is mock an article. I keep trying to take this piece seriously. It's the New York Effing Times after all but I kept, sentence after relentless sentence, getting knocked back into, I'm-just-making-fun-of-this-article-and-that's-it mode.

So, let's sort it out just a bit...

Yeah, I just bailed on the video itself when I couldn't get past the commercial. Sorry NYT. Well, no, I'm not sorry in the least.

So the text. Here are just a few examples from the first handful of brief paragraphs...
Embraced by progressives. Not terribly fashionable. Very popular in Vermont. It has long been the automotive equivalent of Bernie Sanders: the Toyota Prius.
Prius has made the leap from cyborg armadillo to bionic koi, and the beholder will need to decide whether that’s an improvement. My initial response was “yikes” — which seems to be the general reaction when people first spy it.
After a week, my eye gradually and grudgingly has come to terms with what Toyota is trying to do, though larger wheels would help. I would take a pair of the snaking elongated taillamps in my house as art.

The Prius does hybridy kinds of things. 
No shit?

And yes, this is what we get from the NYT. Wonder why people are disillusioned with media? It's 2016 and isn't the whole, "I"m a traditional gas huffer car reviewer and these new fangled thingies just annoy me with all their technology and lack of a coal rolling button"? I thought we might be.

Anyway, it's a mediocre, at best review. I don't recommend clicking on the link. You won't learn much.