Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hybrid Sales

While sales of hybrid cars are down in the US (yes, including Prius), globally, the market for hybrids continues to be strong with sales increasing despite the US sales drop.

A nicely done piece at hybridcars.com writes more...
One meaningful statistic is Toyota reports it’s on track for 1.4 million hybrid sales this year, exceeding its previous high of 1.3 million in 2013. 
Overall, Toyota reports 17-percent global hybrid sales growth for 2016’s first six months, according to a report by Wards Auto.

But there are standouts here in the US market...
One Toyota model that has supplanted cars from the second-to-Prius selling position in the U.S. and doing well in Europe also is the new RAV4 Hybrid.
Yes, the RAV4 Hybrid is, quite literally, killing the Prius v. Which also highlights how criminally stupid Mitsubishi is for, after three years of delays, still not selling the Outlander hybrid in the US.

And then Honda...

Sorry, I was stop to catch breath, I was laughing so hard. Honda hybrids...

Sorry, seriously, Honda hybrids? Honda is a great car company but their hybrids offerings have, for a very long time, been awful. And Honda has done little or nothing about it.
Honda’s hybrid sales a few years ago were 75 percent in its home market, and today they are closer to 97 percent.
Because the two popular models of Honda hybrids are only sold outside the US. Like Mitsubishi, one has to wonder why.

Suffice to say, overall, hybrid sales are still strong and the main thing, apparently, is the low price of gasoline. Odd how plug-in and EV sales are still strong though.

Hmmmm, maybe there's a message there.