Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If It Was A Vampire, It Would Starve To Death

#Fail recombu
Number one, the Niro's direct competitor is the RAV4 hybrid, not really the Prius, Prius Prime. Maybe the Prius v but as we've speculated here several times, that vehicle may not be long for this world given the success of the RAV4 hybrid.

Anyway, being out for blood sounds good doesn't it? It sounds tough. It sounds aggressive. The problem, this is basically Hyundai's budget brand and the main attraction is going to be price and I think the Niro's biggest weakness is, it's not that much cheaper than Prius, Prius is far more advanced, has a track a record and a better nameplate. As for the comparison to RAV4 hybrid, well, RAV is more expensive but again, I think just sitting in the two cars demonstrates the major differences. Niro might blunt some of the new RAV4 hybrid sales but I don't see a lot of Toyota blood on the floor in this fight.