Thursday, July 21, 2016

I Loathe This Prius Commercial

I just do not understand it. I don't. Is it that Toyota, a company, the US arm of which, has been based in California since it began doing business in the United States, is that Toyota doesn't get California? Is that why they're moving their headquarters out of California and to Texas? After more than half a century based in California, they still really don't feel like they understand the place or the people?

And don't get me wrong. I'm not offended. Not in the least. I'm bored. This tedious commercial is just a recitation of all the trite and poorly placed insults and cheeseball stereotypes tossed at California and yes, I get it, it's supposed to be. Really? This was a good idea? This commercial is boring beyond belief and stupid past comprehension. It's just wrong.

My birth certificate says California. I spent most of my life there. I can't believe someone thought this was a good idea and would appeal to Californians.

H&L Partners launched a campaign for Toyota Prius, promoting the hybrid vehicle’s new model as “Redesigned, CA Style.” 
Based around the insight that Californians buy more Prii (according to the pitch we received, the plural of Prius — who knew?) than anyone else, the spot embraces and celebrates some common assumptions/stereotypes about residents of the state. 
“California, here we come/ Right back where we started from…” 
The two-minute anthem ad introduces the state as the “last stop for every weirdo and wild-eyed visionary who ever had a dream…or at least enough gas to get here” over an acoustic guitar (of course) and footage of the state’s natural beauty. Things take a turn for the even more self-congratulatory when the voiceover claims, “We like to be at the forefront, the first to grab on to the next big thing and make it ours,” championing the state as the birthplace of jeans, the smartphone and “putting avocado on everything.”
It then adds, “Maybe the environment just isn’t that big of a deal to them” about residents of other states who maybe just don’t understands the appeal of Toyota’s hybrid.  
It’s kind of weird that the one guy seems to be giving his car a luxurious wash though. 
Isn’t there still a big drought going on over there?

A trio of 30-second spots continues the theme, focusing on common stereotypes of Californians as “Hippies,” “Weirdos” and “Nerds.” 
The self-satisfied approach makes sense since Californians already love the Prius. But the effort is targeted specifically at the Northern California market, where its tone is not likely to offend viewers and may stoke state pride, especially among those who are already fans of Toyota’s hybrid offering.

Source: Agency Spy