Friday, July 8, 2016

Electrified Vehicles "Dominate" Used Car Market

Well, via one metric, how fast they sell, they are. Which makes all the recent trash talk about the Plug-In Prius rather ironic.

Number #1?
Yes, number one!
Due to limited inventory, Toyota Prius Plug-in has always been a fast seller, but on the used market it is the hottest ticket in the country. According to the study, Prius Plug-ins last an average of 19.7 days on the secondhand market — about five days faster than the second-place Leaf and less than half the national average of 42.4 days.
Looking ahead to the next Prius Plug-in, Toyota expects to enjoy much brisker sales when it reaches U.S. dealerships in the coming year. In the meantime, used models with the HOV sticker are selling better than anything else available. If you see one you like, snatch it up before it’s gone.
The best selling used plug-in. Weird how things work.

Trivia, I designed that holographic sticker decorating the lower quarter panels of this car. Knowing that gets you nothing. Thanks to my friend, the former high priestess of Prius, Erica, for the hook up on getting to do that.