Friday, June 24, 2016

Not Gonna Do It

It's that kind of morning.

This morning's other story was a rambling sort of article, usually the kind written for $3 by some faceless person "creating content" for a story farm site like, well, like this one. So, no linky.
If you can get past the outright ridiculousness of the thing I think you can see a tiny kernal of...wait, it's all bullshit. Let's be real. I hate the series of bank robbery commercials for the new Prius but no one but an out and out idiot thinks Toyota is promoting crime.

This whole piece is just weird.

There are times when I quote articles and link back to sources. And there are times, like this one, when I just screen shot some or all of it and do not present a link because I don't think the piece merits a potential click. Yeah, this is the latter.

And that weird, tiny text bit at the bottom. It's even weirder than you might think. Here it is blown up.

This reads like some bad Google translation or something written by a bot. All I can say, uh, hey, I don't like the commercials either but wow, nothing like going off the deep end, amirite?