Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Not Available In The United States (Or Australia)

Let's make this clear at the outset. At this time, this does not appear to be an option available in the US. I've heard it's something to do with crash testing which, it frequently is and, that has also become a default fallback excuse. So, sorry, no clarity on the reason, you can't get it here in the US. But, our friends elsewhere can get this new solar roof option on the new Prius Prime when it debuts later this year.
Charging the car when parked, the new option boosts the electric-only range by at least 10 per cent in normal conditions, Toyota claims. This meanis (sic) the new plug-in should be capable of around 55km on pure-electric power at speeds of up to 135km/h.

As well as increasing the range, the roof panels also power the lamps, windows and air conditioning when the car is running, reducing fuel consumption even when not running on pure-electric power. 
Initially, the new option will be offered on cars sold in Europe and Japan but not Australia following Toyota Australia’s decision not to import plug-in variants.
Sorry Aussie brethren, we feel your pain.

And yes, the boosting EV range by ten percent thing is a little perplexing and I'm working on a clarification but as you might guess, since it's not a US option, the details are one step further away than they normally are.

h/t motoring.com.au