Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Bailiwick

Let's put this simply, being a sarcastic smart ass is my skill set. Some might say, it's my only skill. Some might say, well, let's leave it at, I know and understand good commentary and this, is, well, it's just kind of mean and brutish in many ways.
Here's the first, the very first paragraph...
First launched in 1997 to relatively little acclaim, the Toyota Prius is the car that pretty much started the hybrid revolution. Now a common sight outside most clubs and bars at around closing time, the Prius is the perfect drunk-carriage, and can get you home at a super-efficient 85.6mpg.
Well alrighty then. While I could argue somewhat with the first sentence, and the last sentence is likely more true nowadays than at anytime before a year or two ago, it's still pretty rough. But, some writers like to start with shock and awe and then move on.
The Toyota Prius may look more than a little sci-fi on the inside, but scratch the surface and it’s surprisingly basic.
I can't really fight this in some ways this has been the complaint of many Prius owners for many years now. Where Prius was once the car that innovated and incorporated new tech features first it's become, in many ways, a followers for who innovation is anathema.

The story, before too long, moves past the single USB and single AUX connection to the nav.


In some ways I think this author is too nice about the navigation. Given what it costs and what is available in the market, Toyota's is abominable.

I won't parse the whole thing. After starting out rough the writer seems to settle down and, more or less, appraise the new Prius for what it is.