Monday, June 20, 2016

Crime, Unintended Consequences and Priuses

The rollercoaster trend of stealing catalytic converters seems to continue, up and down but continue nonetheless mostly unabated. Priuses are often targeted for a number of reasons. In Los Angeles, it seems to be reaching epic proportions, at least according to the San Gabriel Tribune.
The thieves are spreading to other areas where the police aren’t paying as close attention to this crime because of stretched resources, he said. “Now, unfortunately, we don’t have the manpower and time to go after them in these other locations,” Monterrosa said.

“Over the past couple of years, everyone is experiencing spikes in catalytic converter thefts. You have people who deal in these things that go from location to location and then they leave. It is transitory,” said LAPD Detective Carmine Sasso.
 Do follow the link above and read the story. It's a good one and does journeyman work trying to bring together the complex elements of this issue.

This isn't me scaremongering you about your Prius and it's delicate underbelly. But do be aware if you park your Prius on the street, at the right time, easy opportunity thieves could target it. There are more than two million Priuses in the US. Statistically, it's not a high volume crime but it is something to be aware of you're an urban dwelling Prius owner.