Thursday, May 26, 2016

You Ain't Got No Alibi, You're Ugly...

Well, CNET's Roadshow certainly didn't hold back.
So, more TL;DR...

CNET's reviewer really thought the new Prius was ugly. And everyone he talked to thought so too.

He liked the MPG.

He liked that the car was more drivable than previous generations but still calls it an "appliance".

He hates Entune (like all decent, god fearing people).

Unlike Consumer Reports, CNET thought the Prius represented a good value with a huge caveat, namely, the Volt which offers great EV range and the upcoming Model 3.

All in all, it's not an unfair review in my opinion. I think the ugly thing is a hook too many car writers hang their Prius caps on. Do think the value proposition isn't as strong as it has been in years past and, since I still have not driven it, I can't really comment much on the rest.

What do you think?