Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We're Sorry, The Job Of "Jeremy Clarkson" Has Already Been Filled

Graham Scott, writing for the Chronicle Live site in the UK has some feelz about Prius;
The Toyota Prius has usually be a bit of an acquired taste. It’s stood alone to a degree, suitable for those who really care about the environment, or for those who want to advertise that they care. However, the fourth generation of the hybrid has moved the vehicle forward a long way. How far? We test it against two frugal hatchbacks
It’s still not exactly an involving ride,
Put your foot down more as you head out of town and the CVT auto box does that elastic band thing of making the revs shoot up while the engine sorts itself out, but again it’s better than it was.
The rest of the article features some grudging respect for the Prius "my, my it's come a long way" sort of thing but for the most part, it's a slap the Prius article because, drum roll, Scott loves the VW the best. Sure it doesn't get the MPG, it's not much faster and actually smaller but it's still manly enough to not care about emissions given VW's "special" expertise with diesel power plants.

And no, I am not VW fan.