Monday, May 2, 2016

Toyota Launching Two New Plug-In Hybrids...In China

From Autoevolution...
Toyota will launch two plug-in hybrid vehicles in the near future. The catch is that both models will be sold in China, at least in the initial stage. Here’s the manufacturer’s take on the matter:

"With plug-in hybrids representing the new benchmark for environmentally-friendly vehicles in China, the mass-market Corolla and Levin plug-in hybrid models will be launched in 2018."
Now you're saying, "Levin", what the hell is that? Well, it depends. I can't find exactly the Chinese Levin will be but Toyota has used Levin for several different things in different places over the years. It was a trim level of Corolla for awhile. It was the name for the Auris in Australia, for awhile. I can say that Levin means "lightning" in Old English. So, there, you learned something.

I'll leave you with the close of the article...
Why is Toyota reluctant to bring these two tree-hugging babies in the United States? The answer to that question is as simple as it can be: it isn’t worth the effort because the Chinese government offers better purchasing incentives for plug-in hybrids. To qualify for the incentives Toyota aims for in the Middle Kingdom, a plug-in hybrid vehicle has to run on electricity for at least 50 kilometers (31 miles).
Care to guess how much the Prius Prime can go without firing up its internal combustion engine? 22 miles or 35.4 kilometers. As if that weren’t shameful enough, the Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid trumps the Prius Prime with 31 miles (50 kilometers) of all-electric range. Dearest Toyota, why can’t you put a little more effort into developing better eco-friendly vehicles for the North American market? Signed, everyone.
 One answer, they're selling a shitload of Tundras and Tacomas and making bank on those.