Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Police Blotter

This is a good one...
Nowhere in the article does it say why the Prius supposedly spontaneously combusted but that's the assumption. I thought only Tesla's did that (I kid, I kid).

This is awesome except, it sounds like there may be a somewhat reasonable explanation for this. Well, sort of reasonable.
Following directions from her car's GPS, a 23-year-old Canadian woman drove straight into a frigid Ontario bay earlier this week. 
The woman, who was not familiar with the area, was driving in Tobermory when she missed a right turn and drove straight into a boat launch leading into the Georgian Bay, Katrina Rubinstein-Gilbert, Media and Community Safety Officer for the Bruce Peninsula Ontario Provincial Police, told ABC News. 
Thursday was a "dark and stormy night," Rubinstein-Gilbert said, and visibility was low.
The car's momemtum carried it out past the shore, and the red Toyota Yaris sunk below the surface, Rubenstein-Gilbert said. Luckily, the "fast-thinking" woman was able to roll down her window before the car's power cut out and swim to shore, Rubinsteim-Gilbert added.

Police said the water temperature was below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and that the woman had to swim almost 100 feet to shore. She then walked to a local hotel to call for help since her cell phone was still inside the car, Rubinstein-Gilbert said.
And then...
The car, which tilted onto its side at the bottom of of the bay, is not repairable
Ya think?