Thursday, May 19, 2016

Prius Camping

Oh yes, it can be done. But it ain't cheap.
It's on Kickstarter right now and will be for the next 16 days. They're already hit their goal so, assuming there are no manufacturing problems, this should be a reality. But like I said, it's not a cheap reality. The Kickstarter "deal" is a mere $1749 for this pop up place to crash on top of your car. And, as I understand it, you have to already have a cross bar system installed. You then attach the Black Fin unit to your existing cross bar mounted on your vehicle.

Black fin says it's shipping commercially in July and the price will be $2749 for the 83" x 50" mini camper. It packs down, with the accessories inside, to a mere 11" so, well, yeah, it's still going to kill your aerodynamics but not as badly as towing something. Maybe.

So you're thinking, wow Russell, you seem really down on this cool thing. Well, maybe. I tend to think, for the money, you can buy yourself a really nice tent, a stove, some chairs, a sleeping system and pay for a lot of camping. There aren't many times when the only place to sleep is on top of your car. Yes, there are times and locations were sleeping on your car has advantages, to be sure, it helps keep the creepy crawlies out of the tent but honestly, is that a 2500 dollar problem?