Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nine Million Hybrids

Say what you about Toyota's overall green car efforts, there is no denying the seismic impact Toyota has had on the world with its hybrids. Hybrid Synergy Drive is, far and away, the most successful hybrid vehicle system on the planet.

From GreenCarReports...
Toyota has reached yet another hybrid-production milestone since launching the original Prius in Japan in 1997. 
Nine months after building its 8-millionth hybrid, Toyota says it has now sold just over 9 million hybrids globally. 
The build date for that 9-millionth hybrid was actually April 30, so the company has likely passed that mark by a significant margin since then.

The total includes hybrids from both the main Toyota brand and the Lexus luxury brand.
Lexus by itself delivered its 1-millionth hybrid in April, 11 years after it first began selling them. 
This is the second time in a row Toyota has increased its global hybrid-production total by 1 million units in less than a year.
It took the company 10 months to grow production from 7 million units to 8 million units.
The company currently sells 33 hybrid models in more than 90 global markets. 
Congratulations to our friends at Toyota and all of our Prius owners out there!