Monday, April 11, 2016

"Geek Chic" My Ass

From McNewspaper...
NEW YORK—Geek Squad, Best Buy's tech support arm, is replacing its iconic "Geekmobile," in an attempt to refresh its image.
It goal is to become more "geek-chic."
Out: The Volkswagen Beetles that Geek Squad “agents” have mostly been driving since 2004, when Best Buy took it national. 
In: A fleet of more than 1,000 Toyota Prius C hybrids, branded with a new logo that’s meant to reflect how Geek Squad’s main mission has evolved in the 22 years since it was founded in Minneapolis, and bought by Best Buy 14 years ago.
Oh please. Anyone who thinks Best Buy is changing over its fleet merely because it needed a cooler makeover is a naive person indeed. Consider this:

-14 years old, way past time
-VW's are expensive to maintain
-Better MPG in the Prius
-Lower maintenance costs

And is the Prius c cooler than the bug? Arguable, but like I said above, looking cool is the last reason Best Buy would do this.

And this...
In a statement, Toyota national media manager Doug Coleman says, the Geek Squad partnership provides Toyota "with an opportunity to expose the Prius C to thousands of new consumers from coast to coast and every day."
Always good to see our friend get some press. Nice job, Doug.