Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Flipped Out

Just the other day I mentioned this here. I always like to follow up news stories when it's possible so...
When police knocked on Naomi Danielson's door around 11 p.m. Saturday to tell her someone had flipped her car Saturday night, it took her a second to recognize it, she said. She isn't used to seeing the bottom of it.

While crowds celebrating the UND Fighting Hawks' eighth NCAA hockey championship did so in a relatively orderly fashion in Grand Forks, Danielson's silver 2004 Toyota Prius was flipped on its side on the 2500 block of Sixth Avenue North in Grand Forks.
"There's no celebration about it," Danielson said. "That's just pure meanness."
She said she was asleep when the tipping happened, and after she found out what happened, she wasn't quick to go back to bed.
"It took me a couple hours to get to sleep, I was so angry," Danielson said.
She's lived in her home near the Ralph Engelstad Arena since 1999, so she's used to people celebrating hockey games, whether that's leaving garbage in her yard or shooting off fireworks.

"There's people walking around, shouting, whooping," Danielson said of Saturday night. "It was typical for games, so I didn't think anything of it."
But this is the first time she's had damage to her property, she said, and it makes her nervous to leave anything out in future. 
A tow truck came to put the car upright before taking it to a shop. As of Monday afternoon, Danielson hadn't heard an estimate yet about how much it would cost, but she said it would be coming out of her pocket.
She's right. It's just random vandalism and it's not fair to her that the repair costs are coming out of her pocket. In fact, it's just damn mean.