Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The "Bay View Prius Lady"

This is one of those stories which is both horrifying, a driver being reckless and potentially injuring or killing someone and hilarious, I mean, the "Bay View Prius Lady". Well, there's a real criminal moniker if ever there was one.
MILWAUKEE -- An erratic driver in Bay View has residents fearing for their safety.  Neighbors made a private Facebook group to discuss their encounters. 
"I'm amazed, to be quite frank, that her license isn't revoked already," said Alderman Tony Zielinski, Bay View.

Alderman Tony Zielinski hasn't witnessed her driving, but he's well aware of the "Prius Lady."
 "She's a menace to the community right now and it's amazing that no one's been seriously injured as a result of her erratic driving," explained Ald. Zielinski.
Milwaukee Police say complaints have been coming in for the last 18 months.  Officers have even spoken to her about her driving and ticketed her, twice.  When we tried to talk with her she didn't respond.