Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More "Meh"

As a follow up to the last post where I pointed out a lot of reviews seem bent on either presenting a very consciously "balanced" view of the new Prius, lots of good lots of not as good. Other articles are a little more outfront about their take on the 4G Prius...

There are some Toyota "firsts" in Prius but they're pretty mild stuff: S-flow air conditioning similar to the Climate Concierge in Lexus vehicles, wireless Qi mobile phone charging, a colour head-up display and - ahem - a new red colour.
And then...

What may surprise you is that there's not a huge story to tell in terms of powertrain technology. It's more an evolution of a theme:

And then some more good stuff. No surprises and it's interesting to see the tiny numbers in which the Prius sells in New Zealand. That said, the very idea that someone can describe the newest generation Prius in those terms, well, it shocks me. Not surprised at all but shocked that it's come to this. Maybe it's not the Prius lagging as much as everything else catching but there it is anyway. A level playing of sorts and the Prius gets lots of meh.