Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Leaking The Plug-In

Ah, I see InsideEVs either has a source inside or are making a random guess at what the PHEV EV only range will be...
f accurate, in real world terms, we’d expect about a 20-21 miles (32 km) EPA rating (as the older model was rated at 26.4 km in Japan), which is basically in line with previous report from late 2015.
Lots of weasel wording in there and, it's from a Japanese web site which, even if it's true of Japan might be different here. Although it appears Toyota has been making moves to eliminate some of the US only differences, you never know. And the truth is, we'll all know tomorrow.

I have to get on a plane right now. See you later in the day when I land in New York for the show.