Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Can't Hear You

Noise is a problem in a motor vehicle. Even EVs can be noisy, albeit in different ways. Insulating the interior of a vehicle for noise has, traditionally, been a pretty easy game. Back in day, tar and asphalt like products lined the passenger cabin. You can still buy products like this, on the aftermarket, to make your speakers better. But as you might imagine those materials have their own problems not the least of which, for a vehicle with fuel economy in mind, is weight. That stuff is heavy. So finding ways to acoustically insulate while still not adding considerable weight to the vehicle is a big deal.
Nonwoven structure with vertically oriented fibers of V-Lap™ enables V-Wave™ to perform every bit as well as conventional soundproof material, yet weighs only half as much. V-Lap™ is also an environmentally friendly because it is made with recycled polyester.
 As environmental regulations become increasingly strict worldwide, there are growing demands for solutions that help to improve vehicle fuel efficiency, including weight reduction. Teijin and Hayashi Telempu are also using V-Lap™ and V-Wave™ to develop other lightweight sound-absorption auto parts, such as for ceilings and doors.
V-Lap™ and V-Wave™ are mutually produced in contiguous factories located in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.