Thursday, March 10, 2016

Grudging Respect But Not Much Fun

Like most reviews of the new Prius, this one is a lot of "yes we liked it" and "wow, it's still a Prius and we don't like those much". I don't expect much more from C&D.
So let's dig for the interesting bits and for your completionists, here is the entire article.
Okay, so we didn’t quite wring 56 mpg from the new Prius. We only managed 47 mpg over our 1009 lead-footed miles
Believe it or not this falls into the positive column. It wasn't that long ago that if the same thing had happened, the author would have railed about Toyota lying and terrible EPA estimates and stupid tree huggers. Now, under the weight of enormous evidence, Prius has pretty much established it's an MPG leader and if you don't get what you expected, it might be pilot error, not the plane.
That is remarkable efficiency for a car with enough space to lug four adults and nearly twice the luggage that can fit into a Camry. It’s also amazing that, as the Prius enters its 20th year of production, Toyota manages to keep extracting better mileage from its signature hybrid.
When you release the wheel after negotiating a gentle bend on the interstate, the Prius just keeps turning until you manually center the steering.
Well, they are still C&D. We had to expect something whiny and stupid.

And thus ends any observations that are unique or interesting. Overall, C&D liked the car with the intentional, for what it is, caveat because liking something that isn't designed to be fast, loud, smelly and inefficient is less manly, or something.