Thursday, February 4, 2016

This is what Twenty Million Dollars Looks LIke

Well, the cost of the ad and placing it during the super bowl.
Thanks to my friends at Prius Chat for tip and the video link.

Speaking only for myself, sadly, I think it's another misstep for Toyota Prius commercials. Toyota and their ad agencies love silly ads. I guess they're more "creative". For myself, I think you could have something like the ad below and got the point across much more effectively. As I said a couple of days ago when I first posted this, I think the jabs at the target group are misplaced. And the inclusion of those characters isn't going to appeal to purist petrolheads. So I think this commercial is nowhere near perfect but it's miles better than the silly ass Prius commercial above.
And just to either prove I'm not a total no fun guy or I'm a confused, mixed message nightmare. I love the talking ducks in the Prius spot.

It will be very interesting to see how this commercial performs for Toyota. Does it make you want to buy a Prius?

UPDATE: I just saw this. Score one for Toyota (unless this is a paid mention).