Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Same Thing, Different Decade

One of the reasons I started this site back in 2005 was to counter what was then, a torrent of misinformation about hybrids and alt cars. It's different now in that torrent isn't as torrenty. Every once in awhile though something like this pokes through and it sets of alarm bells, old habits die hard folks. So yippy ki yay...

Whatcar runs through a pretty standard fourth generation Prius review. It's typical, maybe boring but in the end, we get one last glance at another decade, another standard, when we used one means to judge one kind of vehicle and another to judge everything else...

Our long-standing reservation about pricing remains in place for private buyers, though. With the biggest-selling versions of the Prius both priced around £25,000 list price, most will need to budget for sizeable savings on fuel in order to justify one. Those who can’t would probably be well advised to spend their premium hatchback money on a conventional petrol or diesel alternative.
Sigh. Really? We're still arguing this one? Fifteen years (or more) later we're still saying stupid shit like "most will need to budget for sizeable savings on fuel in order to justify one" and then counseling the reader to go buy a diesel? And how much will that diesel "save" the owner? Why is it only alt cars get the "you won't save enough for this purchase to pencil out" bullshit? It's ridiculous. No one goes to a dealer and asks how much that convertible will save them. But when it's a Prius, using less fuel, polluting a whole hell of a lot less isn't enough. No, the car also has to save the owner money.

I think most people see past this inanity at this point but still, every once in awhile, I have to call out this idiocy.