Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Reframe The Conversation

One of the things I wanted to do, when I started this site lo those many years ago, was change the conversation. In some senses, the conversation has changed a little but not very much. The Prius is still for "treehuggers" (as though that's a bad thing, but I digress). The Prius is still an appliance not a "real car" to many. Like I said, a lot of this has changed, a little but these memes still come through and it's usually from folks who think they are car experts.

I've never heard of autorevolution before this morning. I tend doubt I'll be back there anytime soon but this story was interesting to me.
How silly that someone should want a high MPG car that also looks cool. It may not be entirely my style but I love the color and totally respect the enormous amount of work that went into this. I think it's a great and I've said, oh so many times, and in so many places to so many people from Toyota and from third party companies, why is all the cool stuff for Prius only available in Japan. Those queries are almost always met with a shrug and sometimes...I get, "Well, we sell those window thingies."

Back to the conversation. If the Prius is the nerdy kid in the class who gets picked on for drawing during class, I think this is the time for that kid to come out and get their due. The idea that it's cool for some big truck guy to left their truck three feet in the air while the differential is still ten inches from ground is stupid. And please, don't even get me started on all the home modifications to little cars with loud exhaust that run around. Modifying the Prius is no less or more stupid than modifying any other vehicle. And, if you'll allow me, you're an asshole if you think otherwise (yes autorevolution, I'm talking to you).

By the way, the last word is the best. It comes in the form of a comment from the actual owner who found the article and said...
Cheers to you! Here's Miranda's Prius in larger form so you can appreciate how cool it is.