Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Post Superb Owl Dissection

Thanks to our friends at Ward's Auto for this...
A rampaging Toyota Prius and a sheepish Honda Ridgeline trumped $100 million worth of competitors’ commercials on Super Bowl Sunday with messages that stirred the most emotional reactions of any in the auto sector, according to Nielsen Twitter data analyzed by Canvs.
Well now that's interesting...
By Super Sunday, however, the ad grabbing the most attention was “Heck on Wheels,” a Toyota spot designed to humorously showcase the latest Prius hybrid as a high-performance getaway vehicle. The commercial sparked 11,954 emotional reactions among 34,393 tweets, both numbers the most of any automaker ad on game day. Reactions were concentrated largely in the “Love” (44%) and “Funny” (27%) categories.
 So if 44% "love"d the commercial and 27% thought it was funny, how did the rest feel?

If you want more chatter on the Prius commercials, we discussed last night on What Drives Us.