Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It Says Something

What does owning a Prius mean? In my decade of ownership, running this site and experience meeting and becoming friends with other Prius owners I know this. It means you wanted to own a Prius. Any other conclusions one draws from Prius owner tend to be, well, rather like cliches and stereotypes, true sometimes, other times, not so much. Whether it's South Park or a hack with space to fill in a magazine, lazy writers have long written about "typical Prius owners" and blathered on about Prius owners do this or that. Sometimes it's true but it's also, a lot of the time, just, as I said, blather.

I'm guessing Toyota probably has a good picture of Prius owners. They probably have some more detailed demographic information and yes, I'm sure an average picture can be drawn though, I also suspect, it's a lot more general and unhelpful in described any specific Prius owner than most people realize.

Even writers at the Seattle Times...
I don't really need to dissect this article. It's basically some semi-random assumptions, some of which are based on some census data of of areas and density of Prius ownership in those areas.
And there you have it. Anything else I could say, but would not say, would be what the author was indulging in, stereotyping. That's not me. I've seen far too much diversity in the Prius owner community to waste my time with that.