Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Want Thank Audi...

...and their somewhat ironic tagline (Truth in Engineering, given their connection to VW, hilarious) for mentioning and picturing the leader, the icon, the paradigm when it comes to eco friendly vehicles, the Prius. There's a reason some companies never mention competing products and that's usually because there is no reason that won't benefit the competitor more than their own product. I think Audi's made a mistake here. It's a funny commercial, but honestly, do you want to piss in the pool of the same people you want to buy your product? "Hey, nerdy enviro jerks, buy our product and you'll be cool." Not the approach I would have taken.

That said, one part was awesome, showing that EVs aren't for putzing around the neighborhood and you can be bad ass in one. Even a station wagon.