Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Getting To The Bottom


And speaking of the bottom, Carscoops claims Ford wants to build a Prius rival (they also mention the Ioniq which, well, it ain't here yet folks).

I find that funny since Ford has had a Prius "revial" for more than five years in the Fusion hybrid and then in the C-Max series, all of which have sold as tepidly as Ford's marketing efforts behind those vehicles.
The green vehicle, which is currently unnamed, will be capable of running on battery power at low speeds and for short distances
Which makes it mostly obsolete before it even hits the sales floor. Another half-hearted Ford effort at not making another F-150 variant.

And then...
It will be produced in a new assembly complex, in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, 
Which is why I laugh whenever people talk about "American car companies". Ford's been building lot of cars down in Mexico. But hey, drive American!

 I'm old enough to remember when Ford was flogging the Focus EV what a head fake that car has been. When it comes to Ford actually producing an advanced tech car, I'll believe it when I see it, for sale, on a local dealer sales floor. Otherwise, it's so much halo PR.

And cheers to carscoops for running interference for Ford.