Saturday, February 27, 2016

Everyone Is Like, "Meh"

Despite an overblown headline or two (which never pan out in the actual article) review after review I read and I get the same thing, mostly. The new Prius is good and bad. There's a few things going on here. I think it's a way reviewers can not feel like they're in the tank for Toyota and still say something good so they get that invite to the next Prius press day. It's interesting as the change from the days gone by isn't much in some ways though, overtly, there used to be a lot of posturing. One had to either hate the Prius and its (reputedly) smug owners or, love the MPG and the eco friendliness. At least we've moved past that empty blathering.

The UK Express did their spin in the new Prius and yeah, it's good and bad with a lot of meh.

My point here isn't critique the Express or anyone's specific article but to make the general observation that I'm not seeing the same passions, good or bad, inflamed by the Prius the same way they used to be. I think a lot of that is competition. There are other cars that now have strong MPG and as many or more technological advances and, it might just be an artifact of the one thing that the Prius will always have over every other hybrid on the market, longevity. It's not always the most exciting story and while I may jab at Toyota for how they have aged the Prius, it is the oldest hybrid on the market. The Prius is the most successful hybrid on the market, by an incredible margin. And the reasons for that, well, there are more than three and half million of them running all over the roads around the world. That's the real spark of genius.