Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Song With Your Anime?

Since today, we're all about the video here on the POG, here's the latest addition to Toyota Japan's Prius push. A song and music video to go with their Parts Impossible Girls.

Revel in it my friends.

Toyota's "Prius! Impossible Girls" project debuted last month with 40 car parts reimagined as girls, some even assigned voice actresses like Kana Hanazawa.
On January 25, the site added its "Real Voice Song" section with the track "Shij┼Ź no Koe" (Test Drive Voices) produced by Oster Project with the Vocaloid GUMI. The song utilizes the thoughts of 50 Prius test drivers sang by GUMI.

Toyota instructed the participants to use three English words when describing their experience and to compare the car to something else. Some of the results are comical, with lines in the song like:
"To put it succinctly, it looks like a starfruit.”
“The driving experience is like smooth yogurt.”
“It's an energetic kid running about.”
“It's a lioness.”
“A linear motorcar for the streets.”
“This car is a fighter, just like me.”
The website hosts a section for a game that isn't active yet. The website also boasts a card section that shows the various parts with different point values. Can badges, giant cushions, and wall scroll of the characters are also planned.