Saturday, January 9, 2016

The New Paradigm

Jim Motavalli has been and continues to be one of the better auto writers in the field. His latest for The Mother Nature Network is a great story that most auto writers are either missing or ignoring.

American auto buyers are changing. Aside from the younger ones not even being all that interested in blowing their money on a vehicle, what they want isn't horsepower and genital enhancement (at least in the traditional senses). They want their phone to work. They want a decent stereo. Maybe a charger. Navigation that isn't stupid in both function and price. Fun lighting.

What do car buyers want? Rachelle Petusky, Autotrader research analyst, told me at the company’s Consumer Electronics Show press conference that they want gadgets.
“Technology is becoming the number one driver in making or breaking the purchasing decision,” she said. “Back-up cameras and adaptive cruise control have become mainstream things.” She told me that people are willing to pay up to $1,400 for features they particularly like.
Do go and read the whole thing but it's something I've been talking about, as well, for many years now. The reason younger buyers are losing interest in cars is because the people designed them are still doing what they've done for decades. Bigger, louder, faster instead of cooler, more immersive and modular.