Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's A Prius "Race" Car

Just like this is a "Camry"

So this has been making the rounds.
"This" is a "Prius".

No, really, check the badge. See? It is a Prius.

And yes, as I wrote at the top, this is a Prius in the same way the vehicle at the top is a Camry. It's a plastic body shell with painted on headlight covering a race car. In this case, this GT300 Toyota retains the original 4G Prius tail lights. That's it. But I thought this quote was wonderful...

Toyota says that the electric motor of the new GT300 is derived from the one of the production model but, at this stage, no further details about the electric motor have been released. 

So yeah, it's an electric motor but not the one in the Prius. So, well, it's an electric motor.

When I was a kid I had slot cars. And one of the cool things, aside from racing them without body shells at all, was that you could buy one base car with the motor, chassis and wheels and then switch out the plastic body shells not unlike what is happening here.

Except when I was kid, I knew it wasn't a Lotus or Porsche. It was still my slot car.