Friday, January 15, 2016

Dude, It's Not 2004 Anymore

Aside from the fact that this whole "review" reads like a bad cut and paste job from the technical sheets and press releases, uh, hello, it's 2015. The Prius has been a mid-sized hatch for more than a decade.

But hey, I can't blame the author for taking a nice vacation in Southern California and coming back with, well, with nothing but empty hands and tepid platitudes.
Toyota calls the new Prius an "auto industry disruptor", using words like "modern, dramatic," and "emotional" to describe its latest iteration. It's been redrawn with a striking design and brings new levels of driving satisfaction and refinement, with higher fuel economy ratings - intended to reward the Prius faithful and surprise newcomers to the hybrid movement.
It's deep insight like this that Chron readers yearn for.