Wednesday, January 6, 2016

December Sales

Toyota has published their monthly sales. December was a decent month for Prius, during an otherwise soft year, which is interesting as the doom predictions for Prius anytime the gas prices dip are many.

So in December of 2015 Toyota sold 15,076 Priuses. In December of 2014 Toyota sold 14,414 Priuses. That's an increase of 4.6% The 2015 year end figures tell a little more complete story of the year. 2014 saw 207,372 Priuses sold, in 2015 that number was down 10.9% to 184,794.

Amongst the other Toyota passenger cars, Prius sales place third, behind Camry and Corolla (37K and 32K respectively last month). And annually, the picture is mostly the same.

What does it mean?

My opinion? This Prius, the one being sold in 2015 is old. It's not the leader it once was in technology or even MPG wise. There's a new model announced, and, I am guessing customer incentives to clear the lots of the G3 model helped the December sales tick upward a bit. What will be interesting is to see what the trend is this year, with a new model going on sale soon and gas prices still low (for right now). The conditions certainly validate Toyota's long term sales strategy of mainstreaming Prius as just a great passenger car that also has low ownership cost.