Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Another Answer

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Q. I recently had to call AAA road service to boost my original 2005 Prius battery because of my leaving my headlights on for the second time this year. This is not the easiest battery to find. In fact AAA, who seems to have batteries for every car, didn’t have one for the Prius. The technician did jumpstart the car and tested the battery and it looked okay. My question is, would you suggest that a 10 year old battery be replaced after my two goofs?
 A. The typical life of a car battery in a non-hybrid vehicle is about five years here in the Northeast. The Prius battery is used to power the computer and accessories and doesn’t actual start the car. Although just like any battery, cycling it from completely discharged to fully charged will shorten its life. If this were my Prius I would consider replacing the 10 year old accessory battery just to avoid a problem in the near future.
The answer to this question is probably yes. The 12 volt "traction" battery in the 2G Prius was famous for not lasting very and doing exactly what yours did. It's not a widespread problem, per se, but I've heard of this so many times. So yes.

There are also upgrades, if you plan on keeping your '05 for a while. I'm not a huge fan of them as they tend to be expensive and not always worth the extra money.