Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Rule To Live By

As my sister once said, "Only break one law at a time".

Athens, PA man, Timothy Naughton Jr. made the mistake of breaking two laws simultaneously, and, I suppose, breaking them in a pretty spectacular manner (in at least one case). Mr. Naught was caught on police radar for driving his 2010 Prius at "108 MPH" which, if you'll forgive me for speculating, seems like many police numbers often do, to be a bit inflated. I'm not saying it's not possible for a Prius to do that. I'm not admitting that perhaps my 2010 could have been clocked at similar speeds. I am saying, it's sounds inflated. That's fast for a Prius.

So when stopped by police young Mr. Naughton was also found to have a small quantity of marijuana on his person or in his vehicle and yeah, well, you get the rest.

I am not a attorney and I don't even play on TV. I do not offer legal advice but I do firmly believe in what my wise sibling once told me. Tim, now you know too.