Monday, December 21, 2015

Yes, This Is Really A Thing

Yes, grill blocking is real and it works but, it's not as simple as it is presented here.
"Prius lips" installed, ready for the duration of winter. I did this,last year and even with the hotter (190°) thermostat I had installed, there, was no overheating problems. This did help get the engine up to temperature more quickly and maintain temperature so that even in cold weather I could shift the car into "Pure EV Mode". It also runs more efficiently in "Blended Hybrid Mode" as well. I did this with 3/4" pipe insulation and zip ties. At the end of last May, I cut the ties to remove the foam. These will stay on even through a car wash.
I'm going to hit up one of my comrades from What Drives Us to give you the inside on grill blocking and why it may help and how to do it right. Look for that article soon.