Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The King Is Dead, Long Live The (New) King

It is official, combined MPG, the new "eco" version of the 2016 is the most fuel efficient, EPA rated vehicle ever. So intones our friend, John Voelcker, at Green Car Reports, and, as usual, he's right.

The original Honda Insight was a marvel of engineering. It sacrificed everything in the name of fuel economy. It wasn't the most fun car to drive. It was super light, small and, well, it was a small aluminum box with wheels but wow, was it efficient. And with the right driver behind the wheel the Insight proved, again and again, to be the MPG champ. It was an amazing vehicle and it's a damn shame Honda squandered that leadership for no good reason.

The new "eco" version of the fourth generation Prius accomplishes something as amazing, no, maybe more amazing. It beats the original Insight's overall, adjusted EPA rating scoring a 56 MPG combined. Add in that the Prius is heavier, larger, much more comfortable and holds more people, it makes the accomplishment, sixteen years in the making, that much more surprising.