Friday, December 18, 2015

The Icon

The Prius has long been an icon used to frame discussions of both good and evil. It's an interesting social phenomenon. The Honda Insight might have easily been used and yes, while the Insight was a relative failure, sales wise (twice in two different iterations), it was slightly ahead of the Prius and back in the day, the Insight was the go-to MPG king. I think it's fascinating the way the media latched onto the Prius. Cheers to Toyota's PR department. Maybe there is no such thing as bad publicity.

So here's sort of the standard formulation that the Prius is often involved in, Prius good, something else bad. Look at the next article to see that even when the Prius is trying to be good, it's still can be bad. Cognitive dissonance is, apparently, not a problem for some folks.

Anyway, to the point...

All of which makes me happy for my friends in Canada that their new Prime Minister seems like an uncommonly smart and decent person.