Sunday, December 27, 2015

Some thoughts on TNGA


Toyota New Global Architecture.

It's this thing...
And the point of a modular base such a TNGA is that it makes easier to design and develop new vehicles because they are based on the same core. Not coincidentally, it also lowers costs.

The 2016 Prius is the first global Toyota vehicle to use the new modular platform. And recently, Lexus announced the next generation CT200h would also use the TNGA platform.

And I'v seen the reporting already, it's getting a little silly because now everything is a Prius. Apparently, having that platform in common, keep in mind, a platform designed to be universal and modular makes everything else a Prius.

So bear in mind, TNGA is just a skeleton. It's not a car. It's not exclusive to Prius nor was it intended to be. It's supposed a cross model thing.

I just wonder if we will see, as TNGA is rolled out amongst the other models, some homogenization of Toyota's design. One of the main goals is to lower cost of production and share parts, in some models, as much as 80% of the parts may be the same between different models. It is their goal.

This isn't a new concept and it's not exclusive to Toyota. VW, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes, it's a long list, use their own version to streamline production.

TNGA comes with pitfalls as well. If it turns out TNGA has a weakness, that weakness is now baked into every TNGA vehicle. It can limit how different a particular model can be.

It will be interesting to see how Toyota develops and deploys TNGA and how it affects their vehicles. We will be watching.