Friday, December 11, 2015


Email from Faraday Future...

Faraday Future to Select North Las Vegas, Nevada as Site of $1 Billion Production Facility 
GARDENA, CA – Officials with Faraday Future today announced they plan to select North Las Vegas, Nevada as the location for their $1 billion state-of-the-art North American production facility. 

“We have completed a lengthy and thorough site selection process, and are thrilled by the opportunity to partner with Nevada to move this project forward, pending legislative approval,” said Dag Reckhorn, vice president of Global Manufacturing, Faraday Future. “We are eager to begin production of our vehicle of the future; it will embrace the increasingly intrinsic relationship between technology and mobility.”
The Nevada Legislature needs to evaluate the specifics of the project, including tax abatements offered by the State. Should the Legislature vote in favor of the deal, Faraday Future will begin planning construction at the selected site. According to an economic impact study conducted by the State, the 3 million square foot automobile manufacturing facility would generate a significant economic impact for the region. The company’s project would include a $1 billion investment in manufacturing within the first 10 years. The project will include 4,500 direct jobs on site, and will create thousands more indirect jobs in the community.
Faraday Future plans to produce 100% electric vehicles that offer seamless connectivity to the outside world. In addition to producing vehicles, the company plans to explore other aspects of the automotive and technology industries, including unique ownership models, in-vehicle content and autonomous driving.
Headquartered in California, Faraday Future is led by a global team of automotive and technology experts. The company’s nearly 500 employees in California have backgrounds spanning the energy, aerospace, design, automotive and technology industries. 
(links removed because I do not award hype, I link to actual things)

I have immense respect for the Faraday Hype team. They have produced a mountain of nothing. Now I'm not saying that they will never produce anything. I am saying that, thus far, it's all promises and plans and things pending. No specifics. No photos. No specs. Nothing that anyone could refute or examine or criticize. It's all vague wonderfulness consciously designed to appeal to lots of people who will post passionately about how cool they are. Without having actually done a damn thing.

To be clear, if they actually accomplish something, I welcome it. I'll praise their actions here because what they claim they're working on might be very cool.

So, enjoy waiting a few more weeks to see something, something which they claim they will debut at CES (where all the cool kids debut their high tech cars). This is, according to FF, the first time they will show us something tangible and give us a better idea of what they might do. Maybe. Pending.