Saturday, December 12, 2015

Please Don't Tell Me The Truth

image courtesy of Toyota

For me, it's a conflict. There are great things about my 2012 Prius c IV and terrible things. Over and over again, I say, without qualification, the Prius c is only for the person who has never owned a Prius before. Coming into c ownership, with new eyes, makes for mostly positive experiences. Coming into the c from another Prius is always, a step down. The c is loud, uncomfortable and sounds like a cheap econobox when you close the doors. In 2015, my 2012 infotainment system is not only insufficient, it's hopelessly slow and outdated. Obviously, that last item does not apply to the newer models with updated system but, having spent some time with the newer Toyota infotainment systems, the improvement is marginal. I have no drive time in the newer models so I don't know if they've improved the ride, the interior noise or the comfort but, given what role the c plays in the Prius lineup, I suspect not much has changed.

The Prius c is a fantastic vehicle for a lot of people. Just don't, please, don't trade in your standard Prius for one. If you do, you're headed for a disappointment.

Here's Edmund's take on the 2016 version of the Prius c.