Friday, December 18, 2015

Insert your favorite diatribe here

Why does being a contrarian so often boil down to just being an asshole? The Daily Telegraph does a wonderful job of bearing that theory out in this article which contains more cliches per square millimeter than I thought possible.

Surprise: being 'green' is often bad for the planet
New research shows that eating lettuce and using London buses can be worse than eating meat and driving a Ferrari
And you're wondering why I would bother with this article? Well, it's obvious isn't it, you had to see this coming...

 Going green used to be so easy. Sell the petrol car and switch to diesel, biofuel – or better still a hybrid. Buy local cabbage not those expensive packets of asparagus imported from Kenya. Stick an "Atomkraft – Nein Danke!" sticker on your Toyota Prius and become a vegetarian.
But, so what? Then...

Well, yeah but...
But to the holier-than-thou brigade, boring old facts and figures do not matter. As they load their I’m Not A Plastic Bag bags of organic, locally-sourced shrubbery into their Toyota Prius, the fact that their environmental awareness says much more about them than about the Earth is a truth so inconvenient it can safely be ignored.
What makes this interesting, for me, isn't the circa 2005 era of bad and disingenuous arguments, it's not the South Park level of snark. It's that, for some reason, this story even got published. That this Buzzfeed worthy list of tropes and easily debunked BS managed to get past some editor and fill space, even if it is only electrons.